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Logos Audibles launches the i-publish innovative publishing service in Nigeria


Logos Audibles launches the i-publish innovative publishing service in Nigeria: taking self -publishing to another level while bringing the dreams of prospective authors to reality

Now you do not need to put pen to paper or sit to type on your computer before you can properly develop content for your book, it has gone “i”

It was Friday the 17th of February 2012 in a press briefing in Abuja that the Logos Audibles i-publish service was made known to the public. In sharing the objectives of the i-publish service, the Inspector General of the Idea Police Service, Mr. Ezekwesili Nnaemeka Nnam made it clear that “you do not need to put pen to paper or sit to type on your computer before you can properly develop content for your book, especially when you do not have the time, ability or skill to do so. Simply check in with the Partners & Seed crew and ‘talk’ about what you want to share and then you can have your book developed from concept to sample copies”. This service powered by Partners & Seed is Logos Audibles’ i-publish service platform and the organization has gone further to provide authors with print-on demand services as well as a marketing and sales force.

Partners & Seed is the trade name of this service as owned by the Logos Audibles brand, the Idea Police Service and the Edufast concept. This service is described as an “i” concept in the sense that it came about as a product of innovative thinking especially in an economy like Nigeria’s.

As the Inspector-General of the Idea Police Service (IGIPS) announced this service which is run in partnership with Logos Audibles and Edufast, curiousity and sheer excitement flooded the atmosphere as it drew the interest of participants even professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs present in the event. Many of whom showed their readiness to subscribe to the i-publish service. This service is indeed a lifeline for many would-be authors.

In an aside with Jenny Chisom the CEO of Logos Audibles, a content development and Author services company in Nigeria since 2010, she explained that launching the i-publish service that allows people with the desire to publish books, documentaries or any other format to get it done without having to write has been fulfilling. With technological gadgets, the Team at Logos Audibles has entered a joint venture with the Partners & Seed initiative to drive the vision and get many Nigerians who can finance their own publishing but have no time, ability or skill to become authors of note.

This passion is driven by the low turnout, dwindling reading culture due to poorly packaged published books flooding the Nigerian market and also the loss of identity it brings to Nigeria and thus their resolve to correct that. It is great to know that by ‘chats’, coordinated interviews and proper editorial direction and the skill of this dedicated team, Nigeria’s creative industry as a whole is experiencing a boost. The team is bringing together the eagle eyed editorial service which Logos Audibles is known for, Intellectual property education and protection of the Ideapolice Service as well as the Marketing and e-learning drive of the Edufast concept to bear on ensuring excellent product delivery in book publishing. Miss Chisom also made it plain that Nigerians publishing outside the country has also not been getting the best in content editing and value for money so the need for what Partners Seed have decided to do in Nigeria for Nigerians.

In her words, the lady CEO Logos Audibles further highlighted that, ‘’Our experience over 10 years of editing and providing copies for individuals and organizations and then 2 years in the core business, we have come to accept the responsibility to drive the change that we want to see in the content of movies, books and other intellectual properties. We have edited and proofread manuscripts for books, transcribed recorded materials into print, packaged books and movie scripts and the need is overwhelming so we have decided to partner with Partners and Seed, a new but very innovative product development and intellectual property management group in Nigeria to deploy our skill and affect more creative people and encourage more people to aspire. Our Industry is diverse and huge but market is yet undefined and we are taking the bold stride to pioneer and establish the content development and communication support industry.”

The Logos Audibles brand can be reached at and @LogosAudibles on twitter.