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HER STORY MATTERS FOUNDATION caters for women suffering Oppression

Women Suffering Oppression and Indifference – Now have a place to go in Her Story Matters

London, United Kingdom – Her Story Matters (HSM) Foundation, Harriet Khataba (Founder) is providing a vital service for women across the globe. Today, since the launch of HSM, we are seeing women join as one voice to tell their stories of indifference. Now, women have a place to come together to discuss and support one another in the face of oppression and suffering. The website,, is beginning to count official numbers of women in countries from across the globe who wish to share and offer help to one another. 
Her Story Matters is seeing unprecedented responses from previously voiceless women who now have an opportunity to tell their story. From Africa to the outreaches of third world countries, from villages and tribes, women are telling their stories for everyone to see. Her Story Matters is dedicated to raising awareness for women’s suffering of indifference, by highlighting women from around the world, telling and showing their stories of overcoming cultural bias and by confronting common beliefs and practices of gender inequality; proving, through every story told, that women have every opportunity to celebrate their individuality, rights and freedoms of equally and personal spirit. is now standing by to promote global equality for women through mediums of Social Media, Crowdsourcing, Videos and other methods of public awareness: To serve as a testimonial of success to all women to empower others online and through broadcasting; To raise awareness for common abuses in gender indifference in western; eastern and third world communities and tribes across the globe; To serve as a resource for all women seeking to overcome indifference from inequality, abuse, oppression and mistreatment; To become a market place leader for all things women through a for profit model of sales and affiliate ventures; To launch Her Story Matter syndication of media and online publishing; And, to celebrate Her Story... because every story Matters. 

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