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The NEXT Titan Reality TV show has been on and the tasks that has kept vieweres glued to the show has been educative to say the least. Here is the content for a radio show - part of the task. Do read and let's have your opinion on this effort.

The Next Reality show is an entrepreneurial TV show. It was created with the aim of reawakening the entrepreneurial spirit in the Nigerian youth. The show started with 16 contestants who are split in two teams each week. These teams are then assigned tasks and are required to compete against each other.

Task so far:
In the first task, the battle line was drawn: male versus females. Each team was given seed capital of N40,000 and asked to trade and bring back profit within a trading period of 48 hours. So guess who won?
Well, the girls reported a net profit of N70,000 while the guys reported a net profit of N200,000 (yes, two hundred thousand naira).
Try and guess what each team traded to make money?
Another task entailed business plan/feasibility study. This required us to exhibit skills of market research and data analysis, report writing and public presentation.
Our third task involved community service or an act of philanthropy. In the space of 72 hours, one team was able to raise drugs worth 2.2million naira for donation to kidney/renal dialysis patients, renovated toilets and give consumables to motherless babies home.
The second team focused on a single community. The Ikota community is a resettlement of about 50,000 people. These people are so poor and are unable to afford the basic amenities.  This team was able to drill a borehole within 24 hours and provide 5 taps for the community, convert the pit latrine to proper flushable toilets, and also provide a health care facility. The healthcare facility was a shipping container which was converted to a primary health facility and would be run by an already existing NGO in the area.
So if you were in the judges shoes, who do you think won? How do you decide between extending a life by 6 months through drugs and providing potable water? Well, all we can say is good luck to the judges for that task.

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About the Housemates:
But if you think the housemates are all work and no play, you got it wrong big time.  
Andre’s birthday for instance was an eye opener. Who would have thought Tunji, CEO of wicked stones, our very own sweet and charming housemate would know how to go down low. He and Tobe Dadiva gave us some x-rated moments that even the producer of the show had to shield his cameras.
And then can you guess those who have been have a budding romance? I dare you.
Also, there is one Warri boy, Zion who likes to be known as Mc John de Baptist, the missionary comedian. This boy thinks he can convince Lola to come to Warri to meet his mommy. He keeps telling her she’s the only one that knows his mumu button. But people, ask Zion why he is keeping Tinu on pause...poor girl.
And let’s not forget, there are some people who trouble is their middle name. If you look at their faces, can you guess who?

Current Task:  
The task for this week is to publicise the Next Titan show and increase viewership.
Our team, Team 1 has come up with a concept for our publicity: The Next Titan Movement.  Our aim is to reawaken and rekindle the passion for entrepreneurism in young people.
We have messages which centre around
Theme 1: Dream big, start small
Theme2: Believe in your idea
Theme 3: Make a move, be creative
Theme4: Win a customer
Theme 5: Have integrity, passion and commitment
Theme 6: Never ever give up
Theme7: Move from job seeking to job creating
Theme8: Join the movement, be an entrepreneur.

This Next Titan Movement is the largest entrepreneurial movement. It is a reawakening of the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s for the youths, its for all of us. It shows on Channels TV (DSTV 254) Saturdays 8-9pm.  For Lagos residents, you can tune into On TV on Sundays  6-7pm. Visit the website here