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Lafta for the day: A Jealous Boyfriend's rules

1. Send " faces" when she is chatting with another Boy... Keep it emotionless
2. Text other boys after 6pm unless he got an iPhone, we can
all group message, Don't be shy.
3. Call other boys by pet names... unless you wanna see me turn into Incredible Hulk
4. i dont mind my girlfriend having malefriends but those friends need to know their place... She has my trust here and she
mustn't dare break it
5. Chat with a boy for more than 10minutes …After 10minutes, tell them their time is up
6. Laugh at other boys jokes…. SHe has to call me first then we can decide if its funny
7. Write on some boys walls... I also have a wall to write on
8. To have a male best friend. You
wanna play "bestie" with my girlfriend while you know you wanna date her…
Niggur I am a RUDEBOY, I Killed 2pac
9. Receive any phone calls after 8pm… Unless the person's wife is about to give birth or something
10. Say "Thank You" after a boy
has complimented her…. Niggars see that as a gateway to flirt with her or make that a habit
11. Chill with other boys. If he wants to chill he can go stand next to the air conditioner
12. If a boy needs some advice from you… he must make an appointment to talk †̥ both of us, you know… TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE
13. Sneeze in public…. Niggurz be like "Bless You" … Dude sHe is already blessed! SHE GOT ME !!!
14. Drink water …. Cant be having these NiggAss think my woman is thirsty
15. †̥ have a brother or cousin (from another mother) … If you want my girlfriend to be your sister, then Niggar that makes me
your Brother… We can be one big happy family !!!

I beg this na relationship, abi na
slave trade??? LOL!


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