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NYA-Etok@50: The 50k Project.

The Social Housing guru Arc. Ezekiel Nya-Etok in an update concerning his 50th birthday celebration on November 1st 2013, has unveiled the N50k project to young people in Nigeria. This project goes to his facebook followers with the best business idea that can blossom in 5-months if given N50, 000 seed fund.
Hear it in his own words:

As part of activities preceding the Nov 1 D-Day, I will like to extend a hand of accommodation to some of my junior friends.

Question: If you had an investment seed of just N50k, what would you do with it that could change your life within five months?

Others may feel free to contribute ideas that those in need can copy. If your idea is original, or you are the first to put forward an idea, you stand a better chance of priority consideration.

No inbox please as all applications or submissions will be picked off the page and processed by my team.

For the big brothers and sisters that will not need this, your ideas can help others.

This will be open for the rest of the week and will end by midnight on Friday.

Best wishes.

The page to post as comment is here 

Good initiative, i must say!
His cute Family


Wow!!! empowering the next generation who have business ideas. Nice concept