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Who cares if my blog is on a free domain

Going by different opinions held by Nigerians and others in the world that 'serious' bloggers must have their own registered domain, I write this. 

Some have told me that my business (I 'm a manuscript editor) won't be taken seriously because its on and not on, but i really didn't care and still don't. They hold the view that being committed †o paying annually for your site shows serious business-mindset †owhich I don't also refute. But I also try not †o argue or make them feel bad when they sometimes have a lot of traffic and their blogs (with registered domains) go off air for sometime while they probably pay their webhost specialist †o republish the blog- meanwhile mine never has such problems and I gat †o manage it without a third party. Bottomline is, I love blogging, and I love it best on google's blogger platform, QED. I get maximum publicity, talk of SEOs, the fact that everyone is researching on google so its easy †o stumble upon my blog and lots more. 

I have created blogs for some companies and individuals on blogger with no regrets. So the next time they try †o make me look like an unserious blogger, all I can say is " with all that I gain, who cares if my blog is on free"?. 
A note †o the guy that is holding the right †o, "keep holding it while she keeps making millions of naira on our dear google free blog.
 #winking# #SmilingWithSatisfaction#


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