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Buy TREVO supplement from Bolupe: Call +2348038693292

Have you heard of TREVO? Let me Introduce it to you. Trevo is a supplement that has 174 ingredients in it.
Everybody needs Trevo in their system everyday.
A bottle is for N12, 000, discount available for 3 bottles and above.
Apart from all these health benefits--you can also create wealth with Trevo! Let's talk business!

For more enquiries and
for order call Bolupe on 08038693292 or
07055897343. Email -

Free delivery within Abuja but outside delivery costs a token. 

*Calcium Complex
*Co-enzyme Q10,
*Fulvic acid
*5 green superfoods
*13 essential vitamins,
*18 vegetables & sea vegetables,
*20 amino acids,
*24 Exotic & garden fruits
*25 herbs
*58 plant & sea trace minerals, *Plant source essential fatty acids, *1,000mg of marine grade coral 

The reason is because of the ways we live our lives.
Three basic things Trevo does-
1. Restore vital energy and mental focus naturally.
2.Renew your body's system and natural function.
3. Revive your body's anti-anging and immune function.
*We are mostly mal-nourished, eat a lot of meat, refined sugar & salt and junk foods.
*Too much stress alcohol and cigarettes, massive use of refined food e.g white rice, white bread. *Too much tea, coffee and carbonated drinks,
*we live in polluted environment, *we don't drink sufficient fluids and exercise regularly,
*we don't consume btw 9-12 servings fresh, organically grown fruits and raw vegetables daily, massive use fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, poor harvesting, storage & transportation methods.

1. Anti-Aging health
2. Blood pressure health
3. Blood sugar health
4. Cellular health
5. Central Nervous system health
6. Cholesterol blood pressure health
7. Detoxification/natural cleansing
8. Digestive and Gastrointestinal health
9. Energy, mental focus, memory and well sense of being.
10. Heart (Cardiovascular) health
11. Immune system health
12. Joint, Bone and Skeletal system health
13. Respiratory system health
14. Reproductive system health


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