Joke of the Day - Hausa Couple and Dialect Accent

Hausa couple went to London and lodged in a hotel. In the middle of the night, his wife started screaming, "Bera! Bera!" (Bera being the Hausa word for mouse) The husband called room service to lay a complaint but he didn't know the English word for 'bera', so the following dialogue ensued:
Husband: "Alo? Is zat za room sabis"?
Room service: "Good evening sir. How can i help you?
Husband: "Walahi zia is sometin in za room fa.
Room service: "Pardon me sir but what exactly is it?
Husband: "Err.....u know za pim Tom and Jerry ko"?
Room service: "Yes sir i know
Tom & Jerry quite well.
Husband: "Tau! Wallahi za Jerry is here fa"!