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Juliet Ndunwa set to change the status quo with the release of her Drama/Play book "Dance School" in Nigeria: Book Available for Sale

Hello, our blog readers, true to our promise, we are here with the first "Author of the week" for 2013. We caught up with beautiful Juliet who has so much passion for making Nigeria and her youth better as well as passionate about using talents as a tool for empowerment. She's an English Language student at University of Ilorin and has just published her first book. And we are excited that the book is an easy read play soon to hit the screens too. 
Meet Juliet Ndunwa and the book, DANCE SCHOOL! 

JCB: Your book 'Dance School' has been on the radar for a while, can you tell Logos Audibles blog (LAB) first about yourself? 

My name is Juliet Ifeyinwa Ndunwa, I hail from Ebenator in Anambra State and grew up in ondo state. I had my primary and secondary education in Ondo state but presently schooling at the University of Ilorin as an English Language student.

JCB: What literary genre do you write? Can we have a brief review?
The book "Dance school" is a drama. It is a play centred on Jolie, a character who through thick and thin was able to live her dreams of dance and made it in life.
It is a motivational, comic, suspense packed and inspirational book for all who have one form of challenge or the other and how they can make it through their God given talents.


JCB;What inspired your work of art? Do you have any previous book (s) published?

The likes of Chinua Achebe inspired my writing because as an English Language student, I am entitled to reading different literature books in our course of study.....I have read different books written by the Icon and I really appreciate the work of art through him. This is my first published book.

JCB: How long did it take you to write and publish this book?
The book "Dance school" was written within a week because I already had a picture of what I wanted to write on my mind. It is a story I have always wanted to write about and the process of publishing it took me a month.

JCB: To what extent can you say your personality and or experience is reflected in your book?

None of my personal experience reflects in book. It is just an art.

JCB: Who are your publishers and how can you appraise them in relation to birthing your dream and adding value?
Bosem publishers .......They are good and reliable. They are very experienced and I'm comfortable working with the company.

JCB: What is your central message to the world through your writing?
First, my message is especially to young people out there that they should create a habit of writing because it is the best way to express one's feelings especially for those who may not want to speak up openly.
Secondly, I advise people to make very good use of their talents to benefit themselves and the society positively and never to be ashamed to improve on even a minor talent.
Through my writings, I also challenge everyone to take bold steps in life and know that with God Almighty and self determination, they will conquer if they NEVER GIVE UP

JCB: So nice. Now which other author(s) or personalities have influenced your writings so far?
Apart from Chinua Achebe , Buchi Emecheta and Akachi Adimora are top on my list.

JCB: In what formats can we get your book?
  Yeah, the paperback copy of the book "Dance School" is available in bookshops and very soon it would be accessible in e-book format. We hope to have it acted as a movie also.

JCB: We'd love to watch it on screen! #excited# So where can we purchase the book in Nigeria and beyond?
The book is in some bookshops, youth centres, libraries, book fairs already. Interested marketers are free to apply by simply calling these phone lines 08039135849 or 08098126410.

JCB: So the book is creating jobs too? Good to know! Meanwhile, are we to watch out for any other book project soon?

Definitely, since this is my first book, you are to watch out for the effect of this book on people's lives and how they will positively live out their dreams. I will be happy to see lives change, that's my project!

JCB: Hmmmn, deep I must say! What can you say was your major challenges while publishing this book?
Yeeeeaah..... Being a new writer and first time author has been a very big challenge . The ups and downs of logistics .... But I thank God I was able to make it.

JCB: What is your view about self-publishing especially in Nigeria? What is your recommendation for helping more Nigerians get their books published?
The economy of the nation could be discouraging for people who are interested in writing because of lack of finance which may serve as a major constraint for writers, but I know Nigeria will be better someday and more self-publishers will be encouraged to do 'their thing'.

JCB:What do you say to budding writers and your readers in general?
I would say to them to explore writing as fun! Especially if you are writing to say your mind,express your view about certain things and impact a positive change in the society writing is your best medium. Also stay focused , optimistic and upright.
For my readers, I pray and hope they get inspired and encouraged to do more for the society to be a better place to be for everyone of us.

JCB: You are passionate about nation building, I must say #smiling. So apart from writing what else inspires you?
Acting, Singing and Dancing inspires me also.

JCB: How do you relax?
(Laughs).....I relax by simply going to a cool/quiet place alone and feeling nature's calm. It's my best leisure get-away anyday!

JCB; Wow! What's your code quote?
Yes...Yes.....I would say " Optimism and hard work though faced with lots of challenges brings true success and happiness"

JCB: What can you say about Logos Audibles services that help writers with editing, proofreading, transcription,online marketing as well our campaign to help authors produce their work in audio and e-book. Do you think it would encourage Nigerian writers to get published with ease?

Logos Audibles is doing a great work ....they are really encouraging young talents and I know the vision will help to encourage writers to get to their heart destination with ease.

JCB: How can your readers connect with you?
 I'm on Twitter: @Juliet_Ndunwa

JCB:  How much does you book cost?
Laughing) book doesn't cost much ...

JCB: Thanks a lot Juliet for a great work and for making out time to answer all our questions!
JULIET: I truly do appreciate you too!. XOXO.

PS: If you are an author, blogger, movie producer or music artiste and like to be featured on our blogs, do send a letter of intent with your work to us at


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