Blackberry Curve 7 inspires the Jenny Chisom's Blog LookBook series and other random thoughts

I want to start putting together my customised Fashion LOOKBOOK weekly and have you be the judges. That's because I'm trying to be more ladylike and hoping my style will qualify me as a fashionista too *winks* From there, we could start featuring your fashion statements as LOOKBOOKS too. For now, these are a few pictures I snapped (by myself) in my house! I'm loving my phone more since I discovered that the picture quality is on point. #Because you asked# It's just a Blackberry Curve 7 oh; I bought it for N30, 000 (one-third of my monthly salary - who cares?). If you use one, you will agree with me, that you can start your mini media portfolio with it. #DropsMicAndRunningAway#