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Eva Peron asks a Nigerian question: Focus on curbing the Boko Haram Saga in reaction to the Yobe students massacre

Eva Peron is a self proclaimed feminist, activist and author. She posted this on her Blackberry Broadcast and it calls for action. Hear her: "How did we create these monsters on our butts? {Boko Haram} Who created them and how are we going to curb this outrageous situation? Stop claiming over-busy to discuss issues battling the nation. It may not be your business, but go ask those in Syria, Libya, Egypt, many to mention disturbed countries, how their wardrobe, cars, houses and their money in the bank are faring. You are exactly nobody when the situation of this country is not giving you concern. We need YOUTH REVOLT soonest because it is our future that is in jeopardy here. Rebroadcast so that sleeping empty entities will wake up from their slumber. Time for us to do something is Now! {Boko Haram went to college of Education in Yobe State and opened fire on innocent sleeping students again! Youths like you and me!}" . Drop your suggestion to this menance as a comment on this blog. Let's get to work!


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