Nigeria Independence Day Summit to be hosted by the GBF for young leaders in Abuja

The GroundBreakers Forum (GBF) is a platform which enables young people converge to share innovative and creative ideas, discuss different issues affecting our generation, study the Word of God, and pray together.
The aim of this event is to shift the focus of Nigerian youths from merely discussing the problems inherent in our nation to proffering sustainable solutions to the identified problems.
The event will be an interactive session beginning with a scenario splitting the audience into three groups along these Schools of Thought: those who believe Nigeria is a failed state; those who believe Nigeria is a failing state; and those who believe Nigeria is on the path of greatness. This will form the basis of our discussion, which will revolve around politics, entrepreneurship, technology, education, health, etc. And we will later have a "fix it" session, when likely solutions will be proffered to problems earlier pointed out during the interactive session. This will be the mode of our discussion throughout the day. There will also be several acts such as poetry, music, and prayers for the nation.
Here is the vision, mission and our objectives
To raise godly, visionary, and enlightened leaders who will positively influence the World.

Mission Statement:
To make a positive difference in the world, as we maximally harness our potentials, through sharing of ideas, studying the Word of God and praying together.
Aims and Objectives
To honor God with our gifts and talents
To share and exchange creative and innovative ideas with like minds.
To strategically reposition youth for God's agenda in our generation.
To harness the power of prayer for the realization of our individual and corporate vision
To extract wisdom from the Word of God to proffer solutions to the problems of mankind
To raise an army of enlightened minds determined to challenge existing ignorance and conventional wisdom
To care for the needy in our society.

Time: 11 AM Prompt
Venue: Raw Materials Research and Development Council,
17, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Enquiries: 08105273020