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Sex secrets every lady needs to know before trying

I was not surprised that this topic has been the most popularly read on a blog I admire and I thought, "why not share with JCB readers too"! It's a great reminder especially for ladies like me! *winks


No doubt, sex is sweet. It appeals to the emotion and makes you to feel complete. I don’t doubt the fact that sex is a wonderful thing to enjoy.

Still yet, I still want you to know that sex is sacred. It is not made for everybody. Conversely, sex is there to be enjoyed by married couples. I am sorry to sound to this way, but it’s a truism. Anyway, let’s check out some of these three reasons even though there are plenty of them.

Disrupts Relationships

It is better I let you know this simple truth now. I am a guy; I wouldn't deceive you. Yes! It wouldn't pay me a dime to do so. A good number of girls have this misconception that sex strengthens their relationship more. Hmm… Believe me; that view is a pure fallacy. By the way, who taught you that? Know it now; sex doesn't strengthen your relationship. Instead, it makes it to end when you least expect it.


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