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ASUU and the Decline in University Standards by Ebuka Anichebe J.P.

Personally I think our university system is either being overrated in its importance. As a recruiter, I've come to the conclusion that most graduates from our public institutions in both the arts and sciences are really not up to scratch in terms of the knowledge or skill-set they possess. 

Our universities should be more than just degree awarding bodies, they should be skill-impacting institutions that carves the undergraduates into apprentices ready for leadership. We need a system that teaches our youths how to become self-employed professionals in whatever field they are in. 

How can this be done? 

1. Enterprise Development courses must be taught throughout each semester of a student's stay regardless of the course. An Entrepreneurial mindset is required to move Nigeria's booming youth population forward.

2. An e-journal system must be initiated in every university to allow both lecturers and students share and read up on the very latest practises being implemented across the globe. That way our graduates are employable anywhere in the world. In the world today Information Technology is mandatory. And an e-library will only encourage graduates learn and collaborate across borders. 

3. University departments must continuously partner with credible private organisations for a 1 year mandatory Industrial Training across a cross-section of the economy from manufacturing, banking, farming, ICT etc. Frequently professionals from these fields can also be invited to universities to do career fairs where they can share best practices and in-house expertise aimed at inspiring and motivating the students.

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