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Author and More: Meet BAYOR

Adebayo Emmanuel Martins is a man of varied sides and facets. 
As a writer, he is the author of "Crumbs", an inspirational book which has been attested to by many as being a blessing (Please see He also inspires his readers and a growing number of contacts (over 1,500 people) via monthly bulk text messages and periodic blog posts at (Please see
'Bayor, as he is fondly called by family and friends, believes in a greater and better Nigeria and he uses the avenues of music and writing to propagate this message. Articles like "Nigeria of my dreams" (an award winning piece that granted him audience and a Presidential pass to the Eagle Square in October 2010) and "Granny's Diary" lend credence to the song "Peace" and "Clarion" on his debut album as a show of his heart for nation Nigeria.
As a musician, he is a trumpet player with two albums to his credit: The Kingdom and The Third Day; both of which are an eclectic mix of musical genres ranging from classical to smooth jazz. He presently serves with Exalted Horn, Absolute Worship Crew and TC Jazz Band as a Trumpet player  and also with SoundMind Productions as Music Producer and Audio Engineer.
As an IT Consultant, he holds a HND/degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering from Kaduna Polytechnic and is certified by Peavey Electronics Factory School, Meridian, Mississippi USA as a Sound Engineer after successful completion of its Pro Audio requirements for same.
He also holds a Certificate in Data Processing and an International Computer Driving License (ICDL) from the Computer Society in South Africa and European Computer Driving License Foundation. 

He believes in magnifying God by giving and serving with the various gifts with which he has been imbued. His sobriquet, B.A.Y.O.R is an acronym for Break All Your Old Records and that also doubles as his personal goal as a Brand and a true citizen of Nigeria.
You can connect with 'Bayor on Facebook at, Twitter: @bayormartins or visit his website at


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