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Blogging 701; Blogging for Prestige, Influence, Money & Power by JJ. Omojuwa unedited

Disclaimer: If you don’t have guts, don’t start a blog except you intend to blog for your friends and family alone #Blogging701
Let us start with the basics. #PIMP blogging is about blogging beyond “for fun” #Blogging701
As a blogger, your currency is your believability, don’t trade it for anything #Blogging701
Money is not the only thing you can get from blogging. If successful, money is the least #Blogging701

There are 2 ways to make money from your blog: directly & indirectly #Blogging701
Directly: Through adverts and sponsored press statements #Blogging701
Indirectly: This is the most fun because it comes with several benefits #Blogging701
Indirectly: I will use a scenario setting to make this point. Imagine blogging on interior decoration #Blogging701
Compared to an interior decorator who doesn’t blog, your blog already opens a new vista for you #Blogging701
As an Interior Decorator Blogger, you don’t need everybody to read your blog like the gossip blogs… #Blogging701
You just need those who value the beauty behind the art of interior decoration #Blogging701
If you blog it so well, you will soon be on your way around the world speaking about the blog and the joy of decorating #Blogging701
If you do it well, you will be getting big time private and corporate clients who will need your expertise #Blogging701
It starts with them reading your blog, trusting your views, asking you questions about interior decoration #Blogging701
One day they will need an expert interior decorator and it is you they will call #Blogging701
Integrate your blogging to your overall business plan. Be subtle about it. Don’t go selling to people directly #Blogging701
Subtlety wins ALL the time. Even when trying to get a woman to be crazy about you. #Blogging701
That way, you are making money off your blog but not yet directly #Blogging701
A time would of course come when a company, specifically targeting your audience will come to you #Blogging701
You are not blogging to be liked. This is not a fashion show #Blogging701
Trust me, most of those who abuse you will be addicted to your blog #Blogging701
I love those who abuse me on Twitter because they are 1st to read my opinion on anything :-)#Blogging701
How do I know? When I don’t say anything about something, they cry all day. LOL #Blogging701
If I wasn’t important to them, why would they care whether I said something or not? :-)#Blogging701
So then, this is not a job for being liked, it is a job for being real #Blogging701
You will piss some people off, you will be cursed and abused by others, as long as you are not telling lies, keep it up #Blogging701
You need ability. Even your friends will not read your blog if it is loaded with poorly written grammar #Blogging701
You need to know what you blog about inside out. You must be able to speak about it too #Blogging701
Tell stories. Real people want to hear about your pains and successes and about failed (successful) relationships #Blogging701
When your blog starts succeeding, you’ll be speaking about the things you blog about in seminars & conferences #Blogging701
You need a niche. You must own a space. #Blogging701
You may have the ability to write on many things but you must own something #Blogging701
Others may hate Facebook, your job needs you to love it. It is 1 of your blog’s major pillars #Blogging701
Don’t play around with @Twitter, it is your blog in a mini format #Blogging701
As a blogger, you have no business locking your tweets. It’s like gating your clients #Blogging701
If people follow your tweets, they are likely to follow your blog. You’re your tweets worthy of being followed #Blogging701
Tweet about what you blog about. Don’t blog about dogs and constantly tweet about trees #Blogging701
You don’t have any competition but yourself #Blogging701
What you must do/not do #Blogging701
Don’t do clich├ęs. Don’t say what everybody says. #Blogging701
Light a fire. Don’t be controversial for the sake of it but don’t be afraid of being controversial #Blogging701
Don’t hate on more successful Bloggers. They are not the reason you are not yet successful #Blogging701
Start your own conversations on social media. It doesn’t matter if others don’t join, just do your thing #Blogging701
Use hashtags when you are sharing stuff you know are not common knowledge #Blogging701
Join other conversations but don’t join if you have nothing unique to add #Blogging701
Your uniqueness is what sells not your loudness #Blogging701
Put your social media game on. I will tweet about #Tweeting701 . The #PIMP series. #Blogging701
Take Facebook serious. If you will be blogging for a long time, start a Facebook fan page #Blogging701
Learn to evolve. Evolve to learn. It takes learning new ways to be the boss for a long time #Blogging701
Buy a real domain name. is always better than #Blogging701
Domain names are very cheap. They cost less than $20/year. Ask @IfeanyiGbemudu to help. You’ll pay him :-)#Blogging701
When you start succeeding on your blog, give others a chance. Let them use your platform to blog #Blogging701
Allow them add their blogsite to their blogs on your blog. Give back. Always #Blogging701
When you get abused on your blog, don’t delete the comments. It is a sign of your blogging success #Blogging701
As a blogger, your haters are a reward for a great job, especially when you know their hatred is based on envy #Blogging701
Even in #Nigeria, there are now thousands if not millions of Bloggers, find what stands you out and hone your skills #Blogging701
No matter the heights you achieve, never think you have arrived. Tomorrow, today’s successes will be mediocre #Blogging701
If you beat your numbers everyday or every week, you will succeed as a Blogger. #Blogging701

You can blog on ANYTHING. Even something you think no one blogs about #Blogging701
Whatever you do, if blogging doesn’t feel like fun to you, trust me you will get tired #Blogging701
Bloggers don’t have holidays. If you don’t blog for a week, you’ve lost a week’s worth of old and new readers #Blogging701
You owe your friends your friendship. You owe your fans respect. You owe your haters more success #Blogging701

You will reap some fruits when you start succeeding. You will earn more friends and lovers. You will earn more haters #Blogging701
You are your own competition. Don’t run other people’s races. It is yours #Blogging701
I will be speaking at #ELC2013 in #Lagos 7th November, I will touch on Blogging as I speak on the MEDIA #Blogging701

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