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Creative Enterprise workshop: My participation at Shelter Studios

Just rounding off from a Creative workshop for writers and artists hosted by the Shelter studios of House on the Rock Church Abuja. 

It was facilitated by Chidi Ukwu, Roli Ukwu and Chioma Diru. 

We watched "This is lagos" a documentary that introduced us to the life of Eric Obuh empathetically as he scavenges for refuse to make money to pursue his music career. 

We also saw the introductory scene of the brazillian movie "City of God", all in an attempt to see how to create non-fiction and fictional stories that has an intriquing opening that will leave audience wanting more. This workshop continues next week Saturday and I will bring you details. Enjoy the photos.

 PS: I'm trying to get home to finish up the editing of a devotional script I need to deliver to a client by 6pm. 
#Catch ya! Enjoy the weekend.