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First time here? Start by clicking PART 3 to read previous series.

With my small sized luggage accompanied by my kid sister, Ebby, we landed Abuja via a bus transport. A third-party Uncle of ours who has a house in Abuja even though his family resides in US of A had been contacted prior our take-off. 

So Utako Abuja greeted us with its hustle as we joined a cab to the Wuse Area of Abuja where Uncle's house is. This was our first time in Abuja as adults, 13 years after our dad who worked in Kaduna brought us on vacation here. We were welcomed by home attendants and soon settled into what we thought will be home for our aspirations (My sister had just graduated from the University too). 

Two weeks in Wuse Abuja with my sister, I had opened talks with an old senior friend of mine from Owerri who told me he started a media company, and have had to visit their 'media office' sometimes. (They had to come pick me up since I didn't know my way around the beautiful city of Abuja). My Uncle in whose house we have been, finally came back from the US of A and asked us to leave his house for reasons we are yet to totally unravel till date.(The building comprising of 5 flats in a highbrow estate belongs to him and he was occupying one of the 3 room apartments alone with helps). Amidst pleas and tears that met with blunt refusals that morning in early October, I put my younger sister in an Aba-bound bus that morning with a promise that I will find my way in Abuja but wasn't going back home. That was the message my Dad also got when I called him in tears. But he seemed to have faith in me.

 I quickly called my new media boss, Mr. S and explained my ordeal and he came soon after with two of his male staff to take me and my luggage with them. Being with them all through that day, I visited organisations and different parts of town until late evening when they had to go home, this time with a new companion, Me. *chuckles*.  They reassured me sweetly that I wasn't going to sleep under the moon at least as we drove through a long windy express way off the main town- until we arrived a busy hamlet region resplendent with night traders called LUGBE. My 'boss' took me to his house, a one-room apartment where he lives with his youthful wife, child and 2 family members. Continue...

 It became obvious to me that I wouldn't be able to put up with the family without being a bother. After a few phone calls to some church members who could accommodate me that night which yielded no results, I was to sleep over at the house of one of my boss' staff, a huge handsome guy Mr. V, since he was living alone. 

I stayed with him and we came out to join our boss to work and head to town everyday for 6 days, then my stay expired. (You want to know why, contact me personally). Our daily task on the job involved brainstorming, designing media products, writing proposals for sponsorship and following up with prospects. So I was the only lady in the team until another lady joined us Mrs O, then we were given designations with me emerging as the Business Development/ Quality Control officer (just like that)! 

In this our media service firm, we didn't really have an office but my boss had a senior consultant friend who had an officer and had given him the permission to use his office as a contact, so we would visit that office once in a while to more or less pay homage to the man. All our meeting sessions held in hotel lobbies, gardens and the like and our boss' honda 1996 model car was our official vehicle cum office. My boss also happened not to be a university graduate, I found out that he didn't even have 5 credits from WAEC and yet had a knowledge of what he wanted to achieve. So my paradigm was shifting...(Abuja was changing everything I knew and never knew). 

It was now December 2007 and we had explored Abuja, met prominent people but hadn't received any allowance on the job for 4 months. I couldn't explain to my parents why I couldn't travel to be with them for the Christmas celebration. By this time, I was living with my now beautiful Akwa-Ibom friend but then stranger-good-samaritan single lady who took me in after the hullaballo of leaving Mr. V's apartment and having squatted satisfactorily with at least two poor families in Lugbe-Gwari village. 

A yahoo forum I belonged to, called 'Rebranding Nigeria' decided to meet offline with members in the different cities and Abuja was to be on the 17th of December 2007, I took the liberty to attend and there I met Mr. C, who assumed the coordinator of the Abuja group. During the networking session during the meet-up at the Millenium Park venue, he mentioned to me about a contract staff vacancy in a Pension fund company and that became my cue to further greener pastures. 

I started the new contract job on January 4th 2008, as a data entry staff with targets. The office was in central area of Abuja and I was uber excited to be meeting people in a highly professional office set up and working with people from different tribes in Nigeria. The company is owned by a core muslim board of directors and a highly intelligent Fulani middle aged man as the MD. I soon rose to become an Operations Officer in 4 months and then the first Risk management officer after 6 months...reporting to an amiable boss, Mr. Y. Risk management opened up new frontiers for me ... 

That's me professionally part 4! #smiles#. I blog personally at and corporately at
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Anonymous said…
Wooow... Intriguein story; jst goes to show that belief is important and strength is absolutely needed in defining and achieving ur goals