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Meeting Jenny Chisom: Professionally Part 3

Welcome to Meeting JennyChisom Series: Professionally Part 3. If this is your first time reading my story, read the PART 1 and PART 2  first!

 ......And yes I was a Sokoto corps member and served as an English/Literature teacher at Federal Government College Sokoto. I fell in love with this city where women stay indoor and men do every external chores and sell at the food market too. 

My school was a great experience as I learnt first hand why the cut off mark for JAMB and or WAEC could be 180 in South South/ East part of Nigeria for University admission and candidates in 'up north' (as we refer to them) can get into school with score 78! Not because Nigeria love them more or that they were preferred but in appreciation for their interest at all to attend school and pursue higher learning. Yes, that's what World bank referred to as Nigeria's Educationally Less privileged States' (laughable abi?). 

A state where indigenes were paid monthly allowance for going to classes while here we pay to have teachers teach us. Ehen! Before I deviate, as an English teacher in SS 1 and Literature teacher for SS3, I was teaching students that were kids of top government officials. The governor's son as well as the SSG's daughter at the time were my students. 

Yes, I remember, I was also part of OBS (ask a Nigerian corps member) in the orientation camp (my first amateur radio broadcast experience). I was a full fledged NCCF member and the 'mama' (Sisters' Coordinator) of my zone (I like). 

If you are an NYSC member and not a member, your NYSC certificate should not be issued! *lolz* but seriously NCCF rocks. It means Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship, I can tell you for free! *winks*

At that time, we lost our school principal and the former Sultan of Sokoto in the plane crash that brought tears to our nation (someone remind me which airline that was abeg). 

While I'm expecting your reply, we passed out from service in January 2007 to a hopeless job market. 

At that time of my life, I knew I wanted to pursue a media career because I didn't want to teach in the classroom. See reason...lolz. Anyway, I left Sokoto back to my parents in Aba! I stayed 7 months cooking and doing house chores for my parents (a graduate?) with promises of 'ministry' jobs and going for a myriads of job interviews. The job interviews included First bank, Fin bank, GTB bank etc ( I knew I wasn't going to get the jobs anyway) because like I usually joked, my brain is 'alphabetically programmed' since I had no interest in values or numbers. So GMAT format questions were entirely on their own ooo. By the way, have you been able to use x-2=1/3 (a+3 ) in real life? Mshewwww!!! 

Yes I still didn't pass Maths in SSCE or GCE! Majorly because of fear! Dohrrrr! 

Then after 7 months of no friends, no vision, no job-in sight and having to follow my Dad's DeeperLife religious dictates, I found a chance to leave home! It came with a Chief bride's maid's invitation for a friend's wedding in Lagos! #Yippy!

After that, I scouted for jobs in Lagos for another 2 weeks in Sept 2007 to no avail (there were some sales girl jobs that I was to pay for to be employed) Trust Lagosians and 'excellence' even in job agency LMAO! 

I packed my load and came (Came- because I'm still here 6 years after) to Abuja!

 Yes, did I know anyone? No and Yes...and that began my real professional life journey. Abujaaaaaaa
Even the city knew one gem had landed and she (Abuja) came armed to devour her (hot chick things nah) but ....In short. 

Stay tuned for my Abuja story on Wednesday 7pm! Titled: Hot almost- na├»ve spiritual babe meets horny spiritually bankrupt city! 

That's me Professionally Part 3. I blog personally at and corporately at

Connect with me on Twitter @Jenny_Chisom @LogosAudibles or ping me on 2ABAE463. I will appreciate your feedback! 

Thanks for adding colour to my life!


D"binny said…
Hmmmm. Intresting piece. The plane that crashed was ADC airline. Its took the lives of notable sons, politicians, business moguls in sokoto.I remember the late senator Yari. One force to reckoned with as far as the national politics is concerned.
There's one thing I know about greatness, its comes with a lot of inspiring stories. I'm so touched with yours. So keep the ball rolling.