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Welcome to Meeting Jenny Chisom: Professionally Part 2. It is a continuation from HERE, if you missed it. Follow me on Blackberry to get updates.

I started my career as a teacher (you see why i'm always lecturing). My first work experience was as a Teacher and Administrator because it was the best and most recommended job by my mum *grinning*. 

The school I worked at, Jethro schools, was owned by my mum and I worked there through holidays from school and while on transit from Secondary school into the University. I learnt how important educating children was, especially children from poor backgrounds as my mum didn't spare to give me responsibilities, being a public secondary school teacher herself. 

(She was in the habit of admitting children whose parents couldn't pay their fees and I was the 'tyrant' trying to insist they must pay up. Lolz)

I taught nursery and primary school classes and learnt child psychology on the job. This was between 1997 and 2003.

My next meaningful job was after my graduation from the university in December 2004, I started working at MTN Connect Aba, the biggest South African owned Telecom Company in Nigeria as a contract staff. I applied to work in the security department (that was the only opening at the time) and didn't mind working with SSCE holders (Non-Nigerian? Google it please) because I hadn't been issued a Bachelor's degree result after my final exams months before. 

I unofficially dubbed our job role, 'On-alert Personalities' and it stuck (that's actually what you'd see on my CV)
Our daily task involved issuing tallies for foot traffic, recording vehicle plate numbers and watching out for 'funny' behaviours and would usually raise discreet security alerts to our CSO when the need arose. Luckily, the security outfit we worked directly for, delayed bringing our uniform so we always decked in skirt suits as ladies, so people in Aba (a city south-east Nigeria) didn't know the 'difference' between us and the main Telco staff. 

I was quickly absorbed as a "major staff" because I could relate with staff and the telecom operations. I learnt how important professional security roles was for organisations but had to quit the job after 9 months to resume my NYSC in Sokoto State Nigeria on February 14, 2006. (Lovers day ooo, my pipo!) 

 Any SOKOPA here??? Incidentally, I met one of us at the ministry I visited today in Abuja *excitement galore* be continued

That's me professionally part 2. I blog personally at and corporately at
Stay tuned for "Meeting Jenny Chisom series" professionally part 3 on Sunday 7pm! 

Connect with me on Twitter @Jenny_Chisom @LogosAudibles or ping me on 2ABAE463. 
I will appreciate your feedback as comments here!
Thanks for adding colour to my life!


EO said…
ummmmm, you seem an interesting person to meet and to know better. Please how soon can I meet Miss Jenny in person? Gosh #dyingwithwaiting#
wonderful lady. a woman with a purpose, touching and raising the generation next is her mission and passion. Watch out for her because you know what, her best is yet to come
Anonymous said…
I love the fluidity of words and command of English language. Venussbay
Anonymous said…
Amazing amazing amazing simply amazing
Anonymous said…
Sokopa!!! I hail o! I did 2007 batch...
Nice blog with good sense of humor...go jenny
Anonymous said…
What can one say after a wonderful biography. Its nice. Though it may be sometimes confusing for you lady to know the real one here because it seems you just thrown 1 single fat bone for many dogs of 1000's to kill themselves in sharing. I believed 1 bone would never be enough for all these dogs. Pls catch the joke. Pls you shouldn't stop displaying the God's talents in you. I really enjoyed it. Good friend to know if permitted to say such.
godsgift unwana said…
This is amazing, i love way u used words to paint mosaic on our minds. Without any equivocation I want to confess that u r an artist and words are tools.....
Once a teacher at heart; always a teacher at heart. In the little time I've known you, I'm so proud you. Keep flying high.
ikechukwu said…
you hold what it takes to achieve all...good to know you jenny.

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