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#Meeting Jenny: Professionally part 1

Welcome to my "Meeting Jenny series" in response to my blackberry messenger poll feedback! This is my deliberate effort to connect personally with you - yes You!

Please come with me!................ 

My name is Jenny Chisom, full names, Helen-Jennifer Chisom Opara an Alumnus of IMSU, Owerri and EDC CEM Pan Atlantic University. 

I studied English language and Literature as well as Entrepreneurship Mgt because I wanted to pursue a career in Creative Entrepreneurship! 

I started 2 companies with a partner in 2009! One is a Lifestyle and product management company, Tetrafinesse Creations Ltd and the other my pet project company which is focused on supporting language and literacy; that's Logos Audibles. 

We render editing, writing and other publishing services and also train bloggers through our LOGiN bloggers Network! ( 

I have been a Director of Operations at a Free-Education-for-the less-privileged NGO in Nigeria since May 4th 2012 where I'm administratively responsible to almost 280 staff in 4 states. 

In a nutshell, I'm your Business start-up consultant & Administrator, Content editor, and BlogPreneur. 

I believe in people! That's me professionally! #smiles#. 

 I blog personally at and corporately at

Stay tuned for "Meeting Jenny Chisom" part 2! 
Connect with me on Twitter @Jenny_Chisom @LogosAudibles or call 07089893159. 

I will appreciate your feedback as comments here!

Thanks for adding colour to my life!


Akpene Jacob said…
You're such a lovely peeps I never knew before