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NYSC members nationwide served an instructive letter by Agina Victor: Read the Letter here

Last night I decided to write a letter to the ‘otondos’ of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I got motivated to write this story after a jobless friend of mine received a phone call from another very fresh jobless friend; an otondo who had just left the NYSC camp, she was desperately begging for N200 recharge card. So I whispered to my friend, ‘does she realize you are jobless?’ My friend responded to her repulsively in these words ‘you just left camp, you should be the one sending me card, and don’t you have savings?’ Oh! Lest I forget, if you are non-Nigerian, Otondo is a name commonly used to qualify Nigerian graduates undergoing the one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps program, the intent of the program is to prepare the fresh graduates for job market.

Are Youth Corper reading this piece? I strongly advice that you read its entirety. If you were once a corps member; it’s also a good read for you. For the majority of you, ‘ life na per head’ after you leave the NYSC camp so it’s high time you started planning in advance because mehnn… The thing hard for plenty otondo oh! Very few with high connect get jobs immediately after service year, but for the majority you go send CV taya, you go call people wey promise you job taya, you go waka go Companies wey dem no invite you and when you exhaust all your options, the harsh reality of life sets in… Frustration! It seems like your world is falling apart after spending 5 years in the University… So sad! What do you do to avert this kind ...Continue HERE


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