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Popular comic actor and Etisalat brand ambassador who ported to MTN, Oyetoro Hafiz aka Saka is set to be in a Taekwondo showdown this weekend with Nigerian Olympian gold medalist, Chika Chukwumerije.
In what is going to be the best taekwondo tournament ever in Nigeria preceding the first ever of its kind that took place in October 2012 courtesy of the Chika Chukwumerije Sports Foundation, the fight will be at the 2nd International Taekwondo tournament in Abuja from the 19th -20th of October 2013.

The Chika Chukwumerije Sports Foundation is an NGO dedicated to the empowerment of youths through sports in addition to promoting education amongst upcoming and elite athletes is spearheading this cause which is the biggest of all their yearly taekwondo programmes for all categories of people including kids and also offers scholarship to deserving beneficiaries.

With programes like DRILL THEM FIT CAMPAIGN, INSPIRE THE FUTURE CAMPAIGN, ELITE TRAINING CAMP, TRAINING WORKSHOPS FOR U-20, CCSF INTERNATIONAL TAEKWONDO OPENS, CCSF END of YEAR KIDDDIES TAEKWONDO PARTY, the foundation is able to properly reach out to youth and children as well as elite athletes in their quest to empower and improve sports and education across Africa from Nigeria.

The 2nd edition of the International Taekwondo opens starts with accreditation of participants from across over 5 countries on Thursday October 17th, and preparation for the 2 day non-stop showdown at the Ladi kwali hall, Abuja Sheraton hotel. The tournament is scheduled to take place from 7am to 9pm October 19th -20th 2013. Multiple courts and over athletes from over 5 Africa countries are already in Abuja for what is going to be the biggest taekwondo sports event in Nigeria.

With the belief of the foundation that West Africa can consistently produce educated sporting champions on the global stage, Saka a lecturer at the Adenira Ogunsanya College of Education in Lagos will open the tournament as he battles world Olympic taekwondo champion Chika Chukwumerije who is also a distinction 2nd degree holder and this will be the rare symbols of sports as envisioned by the CCSF for Africa.

This second edition of the International taekwondo tournament will also the vision of the Chika Chukwumerije Sports Foundation which is wholly committed to further their empowerment cause by granting target young talents the CCSF scholarship to pursue a taekwondo career while undertaking their studies with an aim to helping them become educated champions just like Chika Chukwumerije, best graduating masters student from Liverpool university and now Hafiz Oyetoro aka Saka an accomplished lecturer at the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Otto/ Ijaniki lagos.

The inspiration from this foundation is infused in this entertainment educational taekwondo showdown that is bringing West Africa together and opening up the sports sector in Nigeria.
The 2nd International taekwondo tournament is on the 19th -20th October 2013 at the Ladi Kwali Conference hall Abuja Sheraton hotel and is a must watch!

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