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Rapist pastors on the loose: Nursing mother battle Abuja pastor

Members of Christ The Shepard Church located within the vicinity of FCDA quarters in Kubwa, the biggest suburb satellite town in the nation's capital are still in disbelief over alleged attempts by their leader,  Pastor Joseph Mgbakabala to rape a nursing mother, Mrs. Esther Molokwu who is incidentally a member of the church.  

According to the Mrs. Molokwu, the Man of God first attempted to rape her happened in 2012, when she was five months pregnant. She recounted how the pastor dipped his hands into her bra and grabbed her breasts. She revealed that she managed to escape, but couldn't tell her husband whom she suspected might attack the pastor.  

The victim of the alleged rape further explained how the clergyman who was 'called' to the ministry 13 years ago made other attempts.   Mrs. Molokwu told our correspondent how Pastor Mgbakabala told her that God had revealed to him that she would be his second wife and help him fulfill his vision on earth, alleging that the pastor prophesied how her husband will die by 2015.  

"He told me that my husband will die and that I will become his second wife," she narrated.  
The victim also explained how the pastor insisted that his sperm and blood must be exchanged with hers. According to the woman, it took her enough courage to finally tell her husband who couldn't believe in her story either.

Determined to prove how randy the pastor is, she decided to record the next conversation with the pastor. A copy of the recorded conversation has been obtained by our correspondent.  
The last straw that broke the camel's back finally happened. Unfortunately for the pastor, she was able to record the conversation through her mobile phone. Unfortunately for her, the pastor succeeded in destroying her pants, but according to her, she escaped unhurt.  

The pastor, Mgbakabala has however denied any involvement in all of these. In a chat with our correspondent, Mgbakabala alleged that the Molokwu family were out to blackmail him over his refusal to give them the sum of N400,000 which they demanded for in order to foot their house rent bill.

The pastor maintained that no other members of the church has ever accused him of attempts to rape her.   When questioned about the recorded conversation where he openly apologised to the woman, Mgbakabala boasted that it was false since there was no video to back the claim.

He said he has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Nigeria Police Force and therefore he is free.  
Meanwhile, Mrs Molokwu has accused the police of deliberate plans to sabotage every effort to bring Mgbakabala to justice. She alleged that rather than investigate to verify her claims, officers attached to the case, as well as the deputy commissioner of Police in charge of Zone 7, Abuja are busy harassing and intimidating her family.  

She said the police have turned around to accuse her husband of plans to assassinate the pastor, thereby abandoning the investigation of attempts to rape her and possible prosecution of Pastor Mgbakabala.   Mrs. Molokwu is scared that the safety of her family members can no longer be guaranteed as they've been receiving series of calls from members of the church who are threatening fire if she refuses to drop the case.  

Below is the excerpt of her confessions over attempts by Pastor Mgbakabala to rape her...  
"The first physical attempt was when I was five months pregnant. I always go there to sweep the church since I'm not doing anything for now. I didn't know that the man was planning something. He made three different attempts to rape me. There were several times when he wanted to pray for me and he was touching me in funny ways. Then he would say God gave him the approval to touch me. The church members are blaming and threatening me. What I don't understand is whether they expected me keep my mouth shut. I don't know if the church members have been initiated.

"I'm going through a lot psychological problems since that incidence happened. By the time I discovered what was happening, that was when I decided to record his last attempted rape so that people will believe me. The first time the pastor tried it, I told a member of the church who advised me not to say anything. The member said it could damage the image of the church and the pastor. That was why I did not tell my husband then. When I finally told my husband, he then asked them why this had to happen. The threats and many lies from the pastor was alarming. My husband thought I was lying when I told him the very first time.  

"The thing got so bad when the pastor started saying that he needed his sperm to enter inside me. He said he needed his blood to mix with my blood. The last incident was very bad. He tore my pants. He always said he got prophecies that I was his wife. He said he was going to add my five children to his own. He said his wife had an ailment and she died. He said God told him that my husband will die in 2015. He said my husband was planning to kill me.  

"Does it mean that if you don't have money, you cannot get justice? That is what the man has been saying. He's been saying that he is going to deal with us. Some members of the church are also threatening me. They said I don't know how to shut my mouth, they will help shut it up. The man has been sending some of the faithful members of the church to harass me. The pastor has been harassing me and my husband with the police. A lot really happened.    

"He used to come to our house to settle quarrel whenever I have issues with my husband. What he did was the last I expected from him. I couldn't reconcile the same man who would climb the pulpit and preach with the same man who made several attempts to rape me. I 'm not the only person who has gone through this before. It was as if I was the only one with the boldness to come out and confront him. I'd to record the last experience so that my husband will believe me. At some point, it was like I was under a spell."

Source: Abuja Inquirer