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VIR20 social media network launches mobile apps

New social media network from ECDC launched mobile apps for AndroidTM, iOSTM and BlackBerryTM platforms

ATLANTA, October 23, 2013 — Vir2o (, a new social media platform by East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCQB: ECDC), today announced it has launched its mobile app allowing members on the Vir2o platform to stay connected.
Vir2o mobile app is now available in app stores for the three most popular mobile platforms. The app will allow users to register and interact with friends on Vir2o. The app also features a video messaging platform "VMsg" which allow users to send private video messages that will automatically delete from the recipients mobile device based on the user's pre-configured time interval.
A subsequent version of the app to be released in a few weeks will offer Vir2o's proprietary nVite feature which would allow users to have live interactions and engagement with friends on the site, such as watching movies, social shopping, listening to music together. "nVite" is now available on desktops.
"Vir2o's primary offering allow users on the platform experience live interaction with each other. Mobile app is the best way to get users to stay active on the platform 24/7. " said Kayode Aladesuyi, chairman and chief executive officer of East Coast Diversified Corp.
Vir2o mobile apps can be found at: itunes, Google Play and Blackberry World.