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Anambra; the finals before the final: A sneak preview in 2015 elections

It is neither new nor news that the system of government that is widely practised globally is democracy except for the minority groups that have been unable to transit, for example countries in the middle east and Swaziland in Africa. If it is not democracy in practice, then at least in theory. Nigeria and Africa at large have embraced this ideology.
Human rights, resorting to the appropriate legal structures for justice, The right to be heard, and most importantly free and fair elections to mention but a few, are the tenets and pillars upon which this solemn system stands . Individually and collectively, many people look up to free and fair elections as one of the strongest indexes used in measurement of a nation's democracy.
Citizens of the world have become politically aware, and the previous political apathy which branded most elections does no longer exist. The masses get involved; they examine with utmost care the prospective leaders before they get elected. The historical character and financial integrity of candidates are carefully studied before they get elected into public offices. As expected, Nigeria is not any different.
Elections in this blessed West African country are worth a zillion dollars. It is a big deal who gets to sit on the throne of power and chairs of exalted positions. Like most elections in the world, there are accusations of rigging and counter accusations of slander, name calling and sometimes violence. Campaigns begin at least two years to probable election dates. Consultations are made even earlier, backs are stabbed, a manifesto read, and promises made, in the end, it all boils down to one thing," Who clinches power?"
National elections have become more acceptable in recent times, receiving compliments from international observers. Although it is impossible not to agree that there is still plenty room for improvement. Elections that brought the past two regimes between 2007 to date have a touch of being free and fair. People look forward to elections; people look forward to choosing their leaders.
The game has changed its no longer about leaning back and allowing one party rule till thy kingdom cometh.
In Anambra state, for example, the elections have given Nigerians a little insight of what to expect in the general elections in 2015.
The quality of contestants, carefully analyzed campaigns, and every move monitored. Party affiliations obviously have a huge influence on elections, but then it is worthy of note that Nigerians in this era have gone beyond the party alone, the individual is a huge factor too.
Chris Ngige a sitting senator of the Distinguished Upper house of legislature. A one-time past governor of the state who was literally kicked out of office following the then post elections suits court judgments passed. A veteran politician he is, we give that to him, he proved this with victory over Dora Akunyili for a seat in the hollowed chambers. It would not out be out of place to relate with him to the nokia brand that produces phones. Having enjoyed previous undivided patronage and support, newer innovations with better and user-friendly operating systems seem to have taken over the markets from the brand. Nokia's quality is not in doubt, neither is Ngige's experience, just that innovations seem to be the order of the day.
Ifeanyi Ubah, a seasoned business man, self-acclaimed billionaire, and an oil mogul; relating success to him would be in regards to business, because same cannot be said of his political aspirations. Just as the LG brand is great at producing house hold equipment, but have not done amazingly well in the area of mobile phones. Like the LG phones, Mr Ifeanyi Ubah rides on the success and name he has achieved in business, and ironically believes that such is enough to grant him popularity amongst the people entitled to vote.
The Blackberry brand is beautiful and looks like what is trending, or was just trending. It would be hard to definitively state that it has lost its patronage and widespread admiration. It enjoyed massive and total support at inception, but like the graphic curve of the law of diminishing returns, a fall in both patronage and followership was experienced. This picture closely portrays the fate of the PDP and maybe its aspirant Mr Tony Nwoye, in Anambra. One of the foremost and strongest political party, the PDP may have slowly lost its grip on the Anambra electorate. In not giving up easily, the blackberry brand is trying to remain relevant through ingenuous innovations. In the same vein, the PDP has bragged about being revitalized in Anambra, adopting new strategies to clinch the seat of power; time would tell that's all to say.
Unlike most written articles, a piece like this is not in any way designed to attack any personality or group, it is but an innocent appraisal from a certain perspective. As to whether or not the perspective is of any value? that would be relative. Call this a disclaimer or something of the sort, it is what it is.
One should not blame lovers of the Samsung brand. It is natural; people are unsurprisingly attracted to good things, things that reek of positivity. Take a stroll down memory lane; the Samsung R220 with the blue backlight. Today, we celebrate the emergence of the S-series, the Samsung tabs and all what not. Recent statistics have shown an increase in the customer base, which is as a result of the brands performance. Try relating this to the visible developmental efforts of the present regime in Anambra State. On the back of Mr obi's feats has the former banker turn politician, Mr Willie Obiano the APGA candidate chosen to hang the onus of his campaign, preaching one of the most heard sermons, 'continuity'. He has promised to complete programs already started and create new ones that would benefit the state.
These 4 contestants and 19 others are the 23 accredited aspirants according to INEC. Nigerians as a nation have lessons to adopt. Aspirants should know that the electorate and the masses have become enlightened, not every and anything is allowed to fly anymore. People are made literally to account for their positions. It is an era of change, and in alignment with Mr President, it is an era of transformation. The masses are wise, a slim pocket of the populace would still form the 'negative influence' during elections, we all need to embrace the march forward, while aspiring to attain the real definition of democracy as to the democrazy we seem to have held close. Let us be one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. By Nnamdi N