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LIFE GOES ON by Jon Paul

In the immortal words of Tupac Amaru Shakur a poet, rapper and actor, what I've learned in life can be summarised in 3 simple words: life goes on. 

Regardless on the prevailing circumstances surrounding you, in spite of whatever situation you may find yourself in, despite what may be troubling you at the moment; a realisation of this truth can put things into perspective and make you focus on the big picture rather than sweat the small stuff. 

It is so easy to lose our cool over the small insignificant issues that pale in comparison to the vastness of our future. But when we can put into perspective that the errors of today won't matter even one month from now- we'll learn to be more patient, tolerant and perhaps even be more pleasant people to live with. 

When I look back at all the time we spend trying to be cool, out-impressing each other, eating at swanky restaurants, sipping champagne at uptown lounges, buying all the cool ripped designer jeans and throwing money in the air at weddings and funerals; I realised that all of this isn't just vanity, it's almost as fruitless as a castrated man trying to impress a woman. 

No one remembers all that dazzle after a while. People have short memory on those sort of things. No one remembers how your wedding rice tasted, how magnificent the cake of your birthday was or the huge price you paid for the bill at that nightclub. They will forget how expensive your handbag is and that your suits are tailored in London. And don't worry if you're broke too- real friends don't measure your importance based on the zeroes in your bank balance.

But people will remember how important you made them feel, how loving you were to them, the support you gave when they were at the lowest point, the kind word you offered, the assistance you volunteered. 

If you want to leave a legacy, don't be like pepper- that has to strive so hard to show its presence. Aim to be like salt-  let your absence be felt immediately. 

- written by Jon.Paul (Make Your Life a Blockbuster)