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Meet Jenny Chisom professionally: Part 5

Risk management for organisations is a must-have because it helps you prepare for likely downtimes and take measures to cushion the effect. That was my latter job at the Pension fund company into 2009. I also went with the marketing team to sign up staff of organisations for the mandatory pension account where employers contribute 7.5% while employees contribute 7.5% from their basic salary to make up the 15% savings withdrawable when one clocks 50. Not to bore you, I quit the job 13 months after, just when I was to be promoted and even my MD had asked that I stayed. I was so sure I wasn't cut out for a financial analysis kind of job even if the pay was great! 

Unfortunately for the company too, a friend of mine had started a Care consulting company. I had joined her a few times during my 1 hour break to deliver surprise gifts to her clients and I loved the whole lifestyle packaging. For me, it was more flexible, and fun so I actually quit my job abruptly on the 23rd of February 2009 (there were other reasons too) to work with and for my friend, just like that! (I dey craze sometimes, or so it seems).

 Our job had to do with getting to convince people daily to put some spice into their relationships with employees, spouses, friends, bosses, children etc and signing them up with us. We get to suggest gifts, select, package and deliver to our clients' recipients anywhere they chose within Abuja. 

Some client once had us wake up his wife at 6am for the surprise gifts and more! Believe me it was really fun! Hmmnn but then friendships are usually not good for businesses, so I and my friend soon couldn't agree on certain issues and I started feeling 'resentful' and four months after I had quit the job and started staying home (find out later where this was in my other upcoming series). 

But you can't find me idle, so I was stringing beaded jewelries (I had learnt it as a corps member 3 years before in Sokoto) and my first customer-target were guys in my neighbourhood. They had to buy for their girlfriends, mums, colleagues and soon after I registered my Event management and lifestyle company, Tetrafinesse Creations Ltd (I'm sure you never knew). 

So with it and with the help of my friend and business partner, Mr O, I started planning events, doing gift deliveries and more. During that period, we planned the first ever traditional beauty peagant in Nigeria- the Sapphire Queen: Face of Tradition and Culture 2010. Even though we lost N3.4Million in that deal. We carried along the experience and had a long list of gift/hamper clientele and still do. 

Then my script editing passion was calling and I registered yet another company for Content Development and publishing services (Logos Audibles) later in September same year. 
The hassles of having an office location was handled as my former boss, Mr S asked that I managed his media company. The same media company that was just a Honda car location (you remember?). So I gladly took the offer while I also did my business from that up scale Garki part of Abuja. I was learning and fast too. 

I worked hard that year and the next, 2011 and my blog which I started in 2010 also soared. Apart from event management and gift deliveries, I started promoting authors on my blog and their books. I had lots of interview sessions on my blog ranging from entrepreneurs and authors both in Nigeria and India. I started having people call me from across the world for script editing and movie subtitling- wow, all from coming across my blog! Then I knew that I didn't need to spend money advertising to get clients when my blog was strategically doing it for me. My blog readership grew to about 115 countries that year! Continue...

I had different housing relocation at that time and both my business and the media firm couldn't afford to get me a room apartment in any of the outskirts of town. My businesses became more home grown since all I really needed was a laptop and internet access! I needed to meet script editing deadlines and needed to train contract editors to help me so I convened the first 'Editors' Connect" in Abuja just by advertising on my Facebook page and my blog at the time. Nearly 50 people showed interest but only about 16 people living in Abuja could attend and that was when I got my biggest editing contract - and it was a legal document type (in my profession as an editor, you get to read everything). So I was able to form a 3-level edit manager structure team for every work. Content editor- Copy editor and then a Proofreader! Ask me privately if you are interested in this evolving service industry (winks). 

I had done online editing trainings and English as a Second language short online courses. ( I actually lost interest in pursuing a Masters degree when I discovered so much resource and free courses online) LOLZ! Later in 2011, the Federal Government under President Goodluck Jonathan ( I love him) had designed an Entrepreneurship training top strengthen the capacity of Micro and Small scale businesses so that they can employ staff and reduce unemployment. The training was tagged 'Grooming Enterprise Leaders (GEL) and was facilitated at the now Pan Atlantic University, the Enterprise Development Centre in partnership with SMEDAN, MSMSE, Fed. Min of Finance, Bank of Industry and other industry supporters. Among the several thousands that applied, I was chosen and we were given a Seven hundred and Fifty thousand naira scholarship to study for a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management . I was one among 43 members of the CEM A3 class in Abuja and we were drilled for 3 months and later graduated in Lagos on December 2, 2011. 

Wow! I became business smart and faced the future that God designed with hope and Vigour! In 2012, I was appointed a Director of Operations in an International NGO, so I employed 2 full time staff from then to run with my businesses! I got to a point where I had to choose to face my business passion fully...and I'm there now with more large consulting jobs waiting in their wings. While I wait for my 'knight in shinning armour', (winks) I want to help young people rise above ignorance! What would you advice? I want to know...

Story continues... #MeetJennyChisom Personally part 1# on Wednesday!
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