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Solar Eclipse: Nigerians anticipate and the Director General of National Space and Research Agency, Dr. Seidu Mohammed warns

How are you Preparing for Sunday's solar eclipse? 

As people all over the world prepare with great excitement for the solar eclipse,which will occur this Sunday,November 3, 2013,it is necessary to alert our people to the significance of the cosmic event and prepare them on how to safely observe it.
This very event is a solar eclipse, otherwise known as eclipse of the sun,which occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth thus casting the moon's shadow either partially or wholly on the surface of the sun. It is essentially a natural phenomenon already demystified by science, even though religious and traditional believers often attribute supernatural significance to it. 

The Director General of National Space and Research Agency, Dr. Seidu Mohammed, wants Nigerians to bear in mind that the eclipse is a normal natural event that should not bring about undue panic.
The excitement generated by eclipses all over the world is centered on the fact that because they are unique and sometimes occur a few times in a person's lifetime,people naturally,want to view this interplay of heavenly bodies. That is where the main danger is and where everybody must play safe. 

According to an article on entitled: "How to Safely Observe Sunday's Solar Eclipse": " We are reminded to play safe. A fraction of a second of magnified, unfiltered sunlight will sear your eye's retina irreparably. Imagine a horrible sunburn on your eyeball. Your eye cannot grow new layers and (peel off)the (burnt) ones like your skin tissue can, so staring directly at the sun is dangerous without the protection of safety equipment used by veteran sky watchers and astronomers." 

We are appealing to government to deploy their media and orientation outfits to mount a massive civic education of the populace because it will do us no good if after the eclipse we have a new batch of avoidably blind citizens. 

Happening Live Sun, 3rd Nov 2013 3pm (copied)


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