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Episode 102 on Jara TV with Jim Iyke

HER STORY MATTERS FOUNDATION caters for women suffering Oppression

Women Suffering Oppression and Indifference – Now have a place to go in Her Story MattersLondon, United Kingdom – Her Story Matters (HSM) Foundation, Harriet Khataba (Founder) is providing a vital service for women across the globe. Today, since the launch of HSM, we are seeing women join as one voice to tell their stories of indifference. Now, women have a place to come together to discuss and support one another in the face of oppression and suffering. The website,, is beginning to count official numbers of women in countries from across the globe who wish to share and offer help to one another.  Her Story Matters is seeing unprecedented responses from previously voiceless women who now have an opportunity to tell their story. From Africa to the outreaches of third world countries, from villages and tribes, women are telling their stories for everyone to see. Her Story Matters is dedicated to raising awareness for women’s suffering of indifference…

Jenny Chisom visit to Min. of Information, Prof. Dora Akunyili: A blast from the past

I found this photo taken during a courtesy visit to the minister in 2010 with Terkuma Ivande and Marvellous Agu of GOTNI.


The NEXT Titan Reality TV show has been on and the tasks that has kept vieweres glued to the show has been educative to say the least. Here is the content for a radio show - part of the task. Do read and let's have your opinion on this effort.
Background The Next Reality show is an entrepreneurial TV show. It was created with the aim of reawakening the entrepreneurial spirit in the Nigerian youth. The show started with 16 contestants who are split in two teams each week. These teams are then assigned tasks and are required to compete against each other.

Task so far: In the first task, the battle line was drawn: male versus females. Each team was given seed capital of N40,000 and asked to trade and bring back profit within a trading period of 48 hours. So guess who won? Well, the girls reported a net profit of N70,000 while the guys reported a net profit of N200,000 (yes, two hundred thousand naira). Try and guess what each team traded to make money? Another task entailed business pla…