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Emeka NOBIS of Profound IMPACTS ON Making Money with Blackberry

Here's BBMoney Part 1

Social Media has collapsed boundaries : your voice can echo millions of miles from the walls of your room.

One of the tools for this phenomenal activity are the smart phones we lug about daily - BBs, Iphones and Android phones.

Communication is the power of the Social Media. That's why Facebook asks "What's on your mind" in the box where we post our updates. When effectively done, its power can yield remarkable returns for you.

One of the effective media for stirring the loins of feedback is your BBM broadcast. Your specially crafted broadcasts establish you as an expert in a particular area of life.

People pay for solutions to knotty issues in life. These can range from the bland to the apocalyptic, from wanting to feel like Cinderella to feeling loved by an Adonis, from knowing how to knock a boss on the head and quitting a job to purring in God's ears and receiving answers.

These can be grouped into career, business, spirituality, health, physical and relationships.

However, your broadcasts must be creative and offer inestimable value to the readers. People are faced with information overload - daily emails, facebook updates, BBM pings, tweets etc.

Next post will be tomorrow. Keep tabs here.

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