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Ask The Writers: Feb 22, 2014

"The curls around their leather soles as the Persian rug yielded like indentured servants to the imprints of their weights, designer sunglasses placed at the tips of foreheads, gesticulations in the similitude of kings and queens, these folks drag bits and pieces of my dreams into the spaces of these hotels."

You read a book and you're amazed at the flurry of emotions that wheezes through you - disgust, apathy, disdain, excitement. For the readers of romance, you entertain those I-wanna-be-coiled-in-a-lover's-arms kind of mushy feelings.

That's the power a writer wields. And when he's didactic in his or her approach, it has the power to make a reader weave moral codes into his or her DNA of living.

Do you want to wield this power as a writer? It is a psychology.

Prepare to attend the ASK THE WRITERS summit.(Continue reading to see details)

Date : 22nd February, 2014
Venue : Old Spice Restaurant, 8 Mbuonu Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt

To register, pay N2000 into GTBank, Profound Impacts International, 0120774898.

After, send an email (with the subject ASK THE WRITERS) with your details (Full names, Phone number, BBM Pin, Twitter handle and Payment Slip details) to

This summit is just for 50 persons - poet, playwrights, screenwriters, fiction and non-fiction writers.