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Help Needed for 4 year-old Princess Kamsiyochukwu Abiahu

Now i'm an informal partner with this NGO Sought & Help Initiative (SHI) in Abuja. They are on the look out for those at risk and source for help for them through the public majorly via a short code sms. Read about this 4 Year old baby and act...

Princess situation started some months back when her school teachers noted that she was losing concentration and not coordinated in class. She was taken to the hospital and they said she had an infection. She was treated but still continued to degenerate, until recently when the right side of her body became paralyzed. She was later taken to National Hospital Abuja where they carried out M.R.I scan on the brain and it was discovered that it was a tumour pressing on other parts of the brain. Presently, this has led to seizures, inability to speak, walk and is gradually leading to a total paralysis. (Continue...)

 Her parents have been advised to take her to India for urgent surgery. The parents who are self employed and are not capable to sponsor this treatment have written that members of the public should please help save little Princess’s life.

Princess need N4.5m to enable her get the required medical attention in

To send help to Princess via bank:
Account name: Magnus Abiahu
Account number: 4092001076
Bank: Ecobank

Sought and Help Initiative, SHI has discussed with family of the patient
to back the fund raising with our SMS Fund Raising Platform, SFRP, that we
believe will encourage more and more people to donate however little they
can afford. They also have M.R.I report and cost estimate
from the hospital. You will find details of the patient and family
including contacts for your independent verification and inquiries, should
you desire to.

To send help via SMS send SHI HELP FOR PRINCESS TO 35140. Each SMS cost is
N100 on all networks. Send as many times as you can. For N500 donation you
only need to send SMS 5 times, apply this method for more.