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THE FAITHFUL MAN by Comedian Forever

The faithful man is a Godly man. He's a man in the mould of Adam who was placed in EDEN(God's presence). He's a man that values God's presence above all.

He's not lazy as he works to make sure his family doesn't beg because he's aware that a man who can't provide for his family is worse than an infidel.

He's a visionary leader that leads his family in the right direction. He already has a vision for his family before even seeking for a spouse because the spouse's job actually is that of a help-meet. So her job is to help his vision come alive. He's teaches his spouse and family the visions of God for his family.

He's one who protects his spouse emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc. He's the spiritual head of his home. He communicates with heaven at all times to make sure his home is at peace with God.

He's the role model for his kids and his wife's best friend. He's so loving, caring, emotionally stable, he's as well the best husband and father available for his family. He never compares her with another woman.

He's doesn't deprive his wife of sex when she wants it. He tries his best to attend his wife's every need. He's responsible. He doesn't behave like an african man. He understands that the woman is not under him but beside him to help him.

He doesn't ask for sex from his partner before marriage. He refuses to cheat on his wife. He respects his wife/partner even in her absence. He knows that his wife is the best woman on earth and thus trains her to be the best.

He's not moved by facial beauty. He only goes for the woman that can help him fulfil purpose and achieve his destiny. He trains his children in the right way to fulfil purpose


NB: Ladies, don't marry a man that doesn't have a vision for his family, don't be scared to ask him.

Guy, don't marry a woman that doesn't have a teach-able spirit and also one who doesn't believe in your purpose.


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