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Why B2B Companies Should Blog

Blogging may seem like the territory of crafty moms and disgruntled baristas, but right now it's more important than ever for B2B businesses to create and maintain a company blog. No longer targeted to consumers, company blogs for B2B businesses are increasing in both importance and necessity. Before discarding the idea of developing a company blog, consider these five reasons for why you should blog:
1. Increase Your Search Rankings
Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a core marketing strategy for all businesses. With the vast majority of businesses and clients searching online for solutions, companies will only lose business if they stay off line. By increasing page rankings on search engines, companies are able to draw the attention of those specifically looking for their services.
A blog is an easy and low-stress way to work the business up in page rankings without sending an employee to endless conferences on SEO. A blog that provides consistent updates with quality information is the simplest way to increase a company's page ranking.

2. Drive Traffic
Audience is just as important as page ranking. A blog offers a pivotal way to not only drive traffic to your site, but also to increase audience size by offering quality, timely information.
Many businesses end up paying thousands of dollars for increased traffic through ads and banners, but those leads often reach the wrong audience and don't help generate business. A blog is an easy way to target people who are interested in your business, creating natural leads for more business rather than forcing leads through ads.

3. Blogs Feed Social Media
If you haven't been blogging, you're surely involved in social media, right? Blogs are a great way to increase a company's social media presence by providing constant content. Social media sites thrive on new quality content. Facebook and Twitter update by the minute, and a stagnant account provides absolutely no benefit to your business. Blogs are a fantastic way to decrease the effort put into maintaining a social media site while still gaining followers and Likes.

Plus, with a social media-friendly blog, readers can easily send posts to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and any other social media network—all with a click of a button. It's a simple way to keep your business in followers' feeds without having to exert extra effort.

4. Divulge Insider Information and Offer Expert Advice

Companies in the B2B marketplace offer more to their clients than just their services. They also offer a peek into the inner workings of a service that their clients rely on but know nothing about. A blog is a perfect avenue to engage clients by detailing the work the business does on a daily basis, explaining industry trends, and offering solutions to common problems.
A blog post about how to find a great business in your field (like yours), certifications required for professionals in your industry, or explanations of laws or regulations will empower clients with information and have them turning to you as the source of expert information. Becoming the go-to voice for an industry will help grow your audience, create trust with clients, and increase search rankings.

5. Blogs Make Your Business Better
The global economy is a 24/7 monster, and keeping up with its constant changes and findings is challenging. In fact, many people spend so much time maintaining their business and staying on top of day-to-day issues that they forget to learn about new technologies and discoveries. When you have a blog, though, and are continually looking for new material to write about, you're better able to stay current on industry issues. Not only will you be able to write great blog posts, but you'll also be able to help clients more and improve your business.

Finding clients specifically interested in your company can be a challenge, but a well-produced, well-written, and consistently updated blog makes it easy for them to find your services. Become the expert in your field by empowering clients with information about your industry, and you will drive traffic to your blog and website, increase your audience, and help your business.