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Writers Heads Up: Ask The Writers forum is coming to PH


You've got talent - writing. My advice is : treat it like a business. Don't get it twisted. Business just doesn't mean money.

However, businesses get paid for offering services. Your writing is your product, your service, your value adding enterprise!

Oh I heard you wrote a book too and they're pricing it for peanuts. I've had my fair share of such too. It comes with the terrain especially for 'unknown' first timers.

I met such a lady. She came to buy my book after a speaking session. I told her a copy was N1000. She screamed. She offered N500. I looked down at her feet and asked her how much her shoes were worth. She said N7500. She beamed with delight when I asked her.

I told her that she wouldn't wear those shoes for more than a year and she'll dump them. She agreed, rather animatedly.

A good book lasts for generations yet unborn. "The Richest Man In Babylon" was written 1926, but is still blessing souls today.

These same folks will be glad to lavish N10,000 guzzling beer and adorning lapels of debauchery.

Do you want to be part of the awesome generation of writers who will take their writing as a serious business?

Prepare to attend ASK THE WRITERS summit taking place in Port Harcourt on the 22nd of February.

Registration details will come soon!