All Celebrities Cannot Be Heading to Hell, Jenny Chisom retorts at an offensive Akpos Joke by Gremmese D King

Akpos died and went to heaven where he met Angel Micheal ..

Akpos: "So finally I make heaven after all the rubbish wey I do for life… Thank God for God Oooh!"

Angel Micheal: "Oya come enter ya room"

Akpos: "Bros Micheal, abeg wetin dey for downstairs cos di noise na DIE"

Angel Micheal: "Na hell fire be dat

Akpos: "I fit go peep?"

Angel Micheal: "No wahala but we go lock gate by 5pm so if you no quick come back you go just stay hell fire"

…Akpos goes to peep and there he sees all the celebrities that ever lived on earth clubbing and having a lot of fun. Akpos comes back by 4pm and…"

Angel Micheal speaks: "Nice to see you back early my son you are truly a son of God"

Akpos: "For where? I come pack my load before una Lock Heaven.

I quickly replied his broadcast on BBM with this:
"This doesn't follow. How can u even compare clubbing to the grandeur of heaven?

I'm a celebrity and I'm ain't going to hell. As well as many others. How can u even compare clubbing to the grandeur of heaven? U can't figure heaven out in ur little imagination so don't try to. Advice: Apologise to all ur contacts for this erroneous message".