Betrayal, Dogs and Cats by Ebuka Anichebe J.P

Good Friday tells a classical story of friendship and betrayal — a story of the betrayal of both Judas Iscariot & Simon Peter. Its intriguing mostly because its about human behaviour, about what we're willing to compromise for quick wealth or self-preservation.

Judas betrayed Jesus for a few silver coins. He was a good accountant but an intellectual prostitute, who placed the importance of money above relationships. He ended up quite badly.

Peter like most of the disciples also had his own faith shaken when his leader was suddenly arrested and dragged away from their secret garden. He denied ever knowing Jesus — he later repented shortly afterwards and built the Church.

How would you describe your relationships? Are your friends/employees/associates like dogs or cats?

Dogs are loyal, faithful and understanding — they'll wander out every once in a while but they will come back before dinner-time.

Cats can be cunning, they'll suck up to you but only to rub their own backs. They're also political and disloyal, they'll run off with a stray cat and come meowing back 5 years later with 3 babies and a bad attitude.

So decide first if you're a cat or a dog. And then decide what type of friends you want to be with.

Happy Easter Celebrations.

~ J.P (Make Your Life a Blockbuster)