Jenny Chisom Honoured with Impact Award by Ayem Africa

Yay! I was honoured with this "Impact award" by a Nigerian NGO, Ayem Africa for contributing to "grassroot youth development" and I'm so glad.

Excited by their call to make a difference and bring youths living in the villages up to speed with their urban dwelling counterparts, I volunteered for their empowerment activities by trainings.

After speaking on "Developing your talents/gifts to profitable skill" during their youth convocation that held in Abuja on Saturday, April 19th, I was presented with this award alongside other youth advocates.

Feels good for little contributions and hardwork to be appreciated.

Onward Nigeria!


kwaksa arhyel said…
We r all proud of u,need people like u to impact the youths and challenge them to play their part towards growing a greater n better Nigeria.keep it up.
Apolmida Haruna said…
An award well deserved!!!
SylvianNnamdi said…
Yipee!!! Doing great things n going places. Soar!proud of U.
precious onuoha said…
Congratz sweetheart, u sure do deserve it. Keep soaring higher!