Lilian Gold Inspires Fashion in Africa with her Emerald Ankara Pieces brand

Lilian Gold is the CEO of one of Nigeria's leading fashion accessories line, Emerald Ankara Pieces which she started in March 2013.

Speaking to JCBlog, Lilian explained that "In January 2013, I prayed and asked God for a business idea to start. By February, a friend walked up to me and said 'why don't you go into Ankara Accessories?' I laughed. But that night the thought couldn't let me sleep and I was sure God had answered me. So in March 2013, I got trained and started Emerald Ankara Pieces in that same month".

With her brand idea, Emerald has become a household fashion accessory brand having graced platforms like WedExpo, Designers Market Place, House on the Rock fashion fairs and more and have also trained young people in different parts of Nigeria on this business.

As the Nigerian enterprise sector is burgeoning, we are glad to know Lilian and hopeful that there's more breakthroughs for her brand.