Meet Emeka Nobis and Richard Chilee at Speaking Props in May

We Hate Shit!

We dream...

We plan....

We analyse...

We dream again...

Then analyse some more...

Truth is, many just don't do jack!

Hey, just take that step to do what you love - kiss that green grass you lay on, climb that roof top with nice tiles or go feed some crocodiles.

Worst case scenario : you tasted shit (failure) while doing so and you're better off!

Remember that 20 folks who've got the verve will gather for a 6 hour Masterclass on Public Speaking called SPEAKING PROPS on May 30th.

Seats are being taken. Book for yours!

For N5000 you will engage with Richard CHILEE & Emeka NOBIS, enjoy some munchy cakes and have some lunch while feeding your soul with stuff that will raise your game.

Pay into GTBank, 0120774989, Profound Impacts International. Call 07080817036 thereafter.

Take that step and launch your dream further. Attend this Masterclass.

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