Naija Langwej Poem "NaijaKrezi" Released by Eriata Oribhabor

"Naijakrezi" comes in colour-shades
and shameless bubbles on TV screens nationwide.
It's neither the generator you switch on daily nor vain search for concrete dividends on reality ground.

"Naijakrezi" is the fecundity at which electricity flows into our homes via bill boards and paid channels.
Neither the shine of peaceful bombs,
nor the blindness of hollow dumbs deserve a reckoning on their screens and like channels.

"Naijakrezi" flourishes sweet. It's a pillar of attraction to like businesses, building today's wastes for tomorrow.

"Naijakrezi" is "govament of dem pipul". It is the coming of "dem pipul" in cheap manner-replays and insults poured on our crazy selves in the name of "dem pipul" of "dem pipul"
for "dem pipul"

full of wastes in noisome glee for D-day when "wi pipul" will "jam" with "dem pipul" for "awa pipul."

Eriata Oribhabor