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BringBackOurGirls: One Month Gone - Ayodele

Today makes it exactly one month they have been under captivity. Possibly being forced to do unimaginable things against their will.

Forcefully converted from their religion to other religion. They are all girls of tender age being exposed to hardship far beyond what they could comprehend.

They have been away from the tender care of their parents/guardians. You can only guess what emotional trauma their parents will be passing through right now.

You can only guess what pain the terrorist would have inflicted into their hearts.

No finger pointing but let the truth be told. A government that can't guarantee the protection of it's most vulnerable citizen has undoubtedly failed from it's basic responsibility.

For how long more are our girls going to be in the cold forest with no assurance of rescue anytime soon?. For how long will our government pretend to be in control of the situation?

Don't you think this case would have been swept under the carpet if @obyezeks didn't launch the #BringBackOurGirls campaign on twitter?

All we simply ask is to #BringBackOurGirls alive!

They have been away from home for much too long. They should be home by now.

Dedicated To The #ChibokGirls.
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Ayodele Joseph