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Someone shared this and I thought it made great sense!

The Good side of Patience Jonathan we never talk about:

She possesses traits of The Best Kind Of Wife Any Man Can Pray for Despite Her Grammatical Expression!!!

When I see the way people ridicule Patience Jonathan, the First Lady Of Nigeria, I only pity the future of most of our youths especially Men.

Many have been repeating her expressions recently like:

"There is God ooo!!"
"Na only you Waka Come"!!
"All the Blood we are Sharing"!!!

Interestingly, that is

*The Woman who stood by GEJ when he was living with all his brothers in a one room apartment.

*That is the woman who took GEJ to her Uncle in Zoology Dept. of Uniport in order to help him secure admission which he did.

*That is the Woman that stood by GEJ when he had no food to eat and would bring Food stuffs for
him in school every weekend.

*That is the Woman who used her money from her business to help GEJ to pay for handouts and textbooks when he was an Undergraduate.

*That is the woman who stood by GEJ despite him having extra-marital affairs.

*That is the Woman who stood by GEJ till he became a Lecturer, to Deputy Governor, to Governor, to Vice President, and then becoming the President of Nigeria. Hmmm...
So to all of you mocking her, here are my Questions for you all:

*How many of you ladies here can do this for the Love of a Man?

*How many of you Guys can boast that your girl can stand by you through thick and thin, like Patience did?

Many of you have left your boyfriends because he doesn't have Money at the moment.

So No Matter how bad her English expressions may sound (need I remind you that English language was her L5, behind Okrika-Ijaw, Igbo, Pidgin and Ogbia-Ijaw(her hubby's dialect) in the pecking order of languages she speaks?), she is the Best kind of wife you can pray for in life. . .

Look at Mr President, because of a good wife!