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Inspiration - SURVIVING STORMS! How do I survive a storm?

Was just thinking that perhaps there might be  someone who is going through life-threatening storm right now and the person is wondering "will I ever survive this?"

Well, my first point would be that the answer to that question resides with you, not God. Surviving is not more about the Grace released, but what you do with the Grace released. Grace for life, health, preservation, protection and survival has been released even before you entered that danger...but the big question is, "what are you doing with what you've got?"

It's an insult on the grace to survive when you think that
1. God has abandoned you.
2. This storm is bigger than me.
3. It's my fate or destiny.
No storm is a destination! No storm is a full stop! Just punctuations.

Job's end was better than his beginning simply because when you go through storms like Job did, you are meant to be better. I therefore define storm as that momentary challenge which is meant to produce a better you for more effectiveness and better living.

Even if everything is  taken away from you, never allow the storm take you! Things can't reproduce you, but you can reproduce things! Take heed to yourself! Increase your mental, emotional, health and physical stability. Stay fasten in a sure place (Isa.22:23)

Here is my solution: While in the storm, consciously visualize, verbalize, anticipate and strategize your exit from the stormy place to your expected place.  The easiest way to die on the cross (storm) is not to see the joy set before you. Life does not end here! Wipe your tears cos YOU NEED TO SEE WELL! ...You'll make it out!

This thought can build back hope in someone. Kindly rebroadcast and if you need agreement prayer call 08035500756!

Pray with me: Lord according to Isa22:23 I am fastened like a nail in a sure place! I'm strong and will
survive in Jesus Name!

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