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Jumia Academy: Building The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

JUMIA, Nigeria's biggest online retailer and employer of over 1000 staffs introduces new program to empower its staff.

Jumia Nigeria launched in 2012 with only 5 staff and has since expanded with over 1000 staffs all across Nigeria. The staff level cuts across various departments, with an average age of 27 years, Jumia has been adjudged by many as one of the most exciting workplaces to be in Nigeria. The company has grown a culture of employing some of the most talented and skilled minds in the industry. Some of which are also fresh graduates, given the rare opportunity to be a part of history and this era of online retail growing at a very fast rate.

At Jumia, the value of job creation can't be overemphasized, as it improves the countries GDP. Job Creation has been one of Nigeria's biggest unsolved problems and Jumia seeks to help with empowering staffs with tools and processes that will prepare them for a greater future.

The Working generation now is starting to pick up on entrepreneurship and it is no different with the staffs at jumia, as our Training school seeks to train employees to be future entrepreneurs with start up ideas to grow the SME industry and tech industry in Nigeria. In view of its commitment to empower Nigerians, Jumia launches its Jumia Academy.

Co-CEO Jumia Nigeria Nicolas Martin stated that 'Jumia Nigeria will continue to grow with the help of the best talents in Nigeria. Jumia employs the largest workforce in the online retail industry, which is growing by the day, and we can only groom our employees to be the next generation of CEOs with excessive training at the Jumia Academy.

The Jumia Academy, which officially launched in May 2014, has had over 100 Jumians trained for different skills set and areas of work.

Head of Jumia Academy, Sarah Carzim spoke about the Academy "From the onset our mission was to find ways to help staffs grow within the company. After months of hard work, Feedback and research in-house, I was able to find a way to empower staffs with the 'Jumia Academy' training school. It is not very often you find this in a new company but the aim is to pave the way for Jumians and also potential Jumians to be the best they can be"

The Jumia Academy is continuous for every Jumian including new staffs giving them the opportunity to reach top level and become managers in the near future within or outside Jumia. Click Here and Find more information about Jumia Nigeria.

JUMIA is Africa's leading online shopping destination. Customers across the continent can shop among the widest assortment of high quality products at affordable prices – offering everything from fashion, consumer electronics, home appliances to beauty products.

JUMIA is part of the Africa Internet Holding (AIH). The AIH introduces and accelerates the online shift in Africa – for its people and its culture: AIH is the parent group of eight fast-growing ventures in six African countries: JUMIA, Zando, Kaymu, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, Jovago and Easy Taxi.