Special Assistant to State Minister for Defence, Ohimai Amaize launches Hope with the #WeWillFindOurGirls hashtag campaign

My phone just beeped few minutes and it was this insightful broadcast from Ohimai Amaize, SA media to State Minister for Defence. It was reassuring to see #WeWillFindOurGirls.

According to him,

"There was a directive that all schools in Borno state should be closed. Why was this school open?

The explanation that the school was open so the girls could participate in the WAEC examinations is doubtful. Some of the kidnapped girls are as young as 12 and even below. Do 12 year olds write WAEC?

When the decision was taken to keep the school open contrary to the earlier directive, why was the Police and Army not informed so they can provide protection?

We have seen some parents coming out to protest. The number of parents and relatives of the kidnapped girls is remarkably low compared to the purported number of girls kidnapped. Why is this so?

Up till the present day, the school has been unable to produce a comprehensive list of the total number of students kidnapped and their photographs. Really?

We have been told that some of the girls are already being sold in the market in Chad. Who saw them?

Nigerian soldiers are among the best trained in the world. They have participated in UN missions across dangerous terrains world over. Should we not encourage them by believing in their ability to solve this riddle?

We must begin to ask the right questions.

Yet in all of these, the most important thing here is the fact that Nigerian citizens are missing. We must believe that our patriotic men and women of the Armed Forces are committed to finding them and reuniting them with their families. Trust me, we will find the girls and also find out what really happened. It's only a matter of time."

- @MrFixNigeria

I believe #WeWillFindOurGirls soonest