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Today's Inspiration: Hustle While You Wait

On Wednesday night a lady asked me, "How do you get so much done in so little time?"

To which I replied, "Okay! Here's a tip, hustle while you wait."

It sounds simple right? Maybe too obvious? But how many really people do this? Very few is my guess — common sense doesn't always translate into common practice. Maybe I should run a workshop titled Obvious 101...

Stand on a bank queue and you'll see exactly what I mean — people complaining and criticising on how sluggish the queue is moving, on how much time they've spent been waiting. On how slow the bank's internet server is — like all these complaints is going to magically result in faster service immediately!

Same thing goes on while waiting on a long Lagos traffic jam or a fuel queue. Complaints like this do nothing but disturb your mental state, cause high blood pressure, anxiety and a poor mental attitude.

A better solution is to use this lag times and wait periods to do a passive activity like read a newspaper, make business phone calls, write a report, listen to an educational audio CD or maybe even pray for those Chibok girls. Do anything than just join the complaining bandwagon.

Cursing the darkness won't make PHCN bring back light. Best to fire up a candle.

Have a great weekend and Make Your Life a Blockbuster™

~Ebuka J.P Anichebe


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