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New Poem Books; Beautiful Minds, Little Angels By Adeola Sonola Launched

It was an afternoon of poetry, fun and excitement. It was also an afternoon of readings and cocktails, all in honour of one of Nigeria's authors based in the United Kingdom, Adeola Olutoyin Sonola, who launched two collections of poems titled, Little Angels and Beautiful Minds, including an e-book/audio version of Little Angels.

   The event, which held at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos, on May 31, saw a host of children read from the different collections. 

   According to the Sonola, the inspirations to come with such work are from her environment, nature, people's experiences and most especially, her children. "I have three girls and I call them my angels, which is why one of the books is called Little Angels; everything I do is with my kids including learning, and so, I get inspiration to write from my relationship and involvement with them."

  For the author, it is essential for this generation of Nigerians to know that they have to go back to reading books. "While we were growing up, there was no Internet or social networks. To know that I could write poems in such a situation is a big boost for them. They can do much more; whatever gift that they have, they should maximise it."

   She, however, noted that the need for the audio version of Little Angels is essential for those are challenged. "You have people who are visually impaired, but can hear the audio, and there are also people who can't read and also can't see. It reaches out to all of them. In England, most books have audio versions, and since it is rare here, I decided to do something different from what is obtained in Nigerian books."

   Adeola, who published her first book, titled, Stage 1, in 2010, said the book has a collection of children and adult poems, but she has had to separate them in these two new collections to help the different audiences they are meant to reach. "The children's book is more illustrative and the other one is for those in secondary school and adults."

  According to her, "my bigger vision is to get this into the English language school curricular, and so, I am hoping to work with the Ministry of Education, both at federal and state levels. I have already written my curriculum already."  

  The book reviewer and head of department of European Language, University of Lagos, Professor S.J Timothy-Asobele, noted that Little Angels is a kaleidoscope of children poems written to make children aware of the world they live as the pictorial illustration adds beauty while facilitating the cultivation of committing the poems to memory. He described Beautiful Minds as a notion of poetic beauty, the delight and pleasure derivable in poems. He added, "these are the books of the future, the future belongs to the youths of this generation and I want to be part of that future."