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On World Cup, Divisions and Multiplication- Ebuka J. Anichebe

Then God said to man "Be fruitful, spread out into the world and multiply." Now God is either something of a brilliant mathematician, a farmer or an great entrepreneur. But I think its all of the above.

Your innate talents and birth gifts are best multiplied when divided. But first you have got to identify them, then make sincere efforts in cultivating them so they grow and afterwards distribute them freely.

Of course this follows the Greek Philosophy of Man know thy self. Master thy self. Give of thy self.

Presently you may be effective at what you do, hey, you could even be damn good too, but until you learn to give a part of yourself into others and invest your talent into the society you live in, you may never make the transition from good to great!

Career footballers may not be paid their regular high-end weekly salaries while playing for their country by the national football administrators during a World Cup tournament, yet regardless many lobby to still do so. Perhaps they understand this philosophy better than most service professionals in other industries.

Our service to society using our talents is the duty we owe to the Heavens who bestowed them upon us and the rent we pay for walking the Earth. Hiding your talents under and not using them only guarantees that you lose it.

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